Finding NYC Architects For Your New Home

This is it: you’re finally ready to start building the home of your dreams! There’s no doubt that you have the whole thing pictured in your head. You have probably known the layout of your dream home since you were a kid. Odds are though that you don’t know all of the intricacies that go into making that dream a reality. That’s where a good architect comes in handy. You can’t just hire anyone though, so use the following tips to make sure you get the perfect company for your situation:


Make Sure There Is An Extensive Portfolio


You only get one shot at building your home the right way. If you end up with an architect that isn’t qualified for the work, then you’re going to spend years trying to clean up the mess. It’s imperative that you go with a company that has an extensive portfolio of successful projects. There are always up and comers that are worth a look; but it would be better to go with someone who can prove that their ideas and methodologies work in the real world.


Know What You Want Going In


A big part of finding the right architect is knowing what you want done before beginning the process. Do you have some kind of floor plan laid out? Are there specific features that you want to see in your home, and have you made note of them? A good architect only gets you so far. If they don’t have a plan of any sort to work with, then the architect is going to fall back on what they think is best for the situation. This actually works out in your favor from time to time; but more often than not you’ll see your vision slip away when you don’t do enough prep work to make it known.


Gauge “After-Sale” Communication


Every architect in the state is going to sidle up to you and follow up as often as it takes to get the project you’re offering. It’s a necessary evil, one that unfortunately puts you at risk. You want to work with a company that gives you the same level of care and communication both before and after the sale. That can be tough to gauge; but if you can find reviews on the company then you’ll be going in the right direction. Character and communication are everything in this business, so don’t discount either.

You know what you need to look for now. Communication and a strong track record are going to guarantee that you end up with a home that you’d be happy to live in. So what’s the next step? While you’re online today, there are quite a few architects nyc that merit a closer look. Use the criteria that you just learned along with your own wants/needs to create the perfect profile. Then, it’s as simple as finding the architect that fits. You’ll be breaking ground on your new home before you know it!