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A two storied 2000 sq feet house plus 3 shops of 600 sq feet on a 9 cent plot on the main Road in Annakara, Poovathoor. 3 BD House. Contact

3.75 acres at Velur,. 6 kms from Kechery NH, Trichur, @ 25 grand per cent. Contact 9388556053

Wanted Plots at Trichur, within 2 kms, near tarred road. Contact

Name:Anwer sadath.A

Details:i have 15 acres of agricultural and fertile land to sell or lease
in palakkad district,suitable for diary farm and all other agricultural
activities,cntact no 04923 209265,9387316599,9846130767

S173) 1742 3 BD flat at Trichur. 25 lakhs. 

S174) 96 cents at Pavaratty Roadside. 1 lakhs percent. 

S175) 10 cents at Chirakkekode, 5 kms from Mannuthy and 11 kms from Trichur. 55 grand per cent

S176) 9.5 cents at Ollur, Christopher Nagar. I lakh per cent 

S177) 4 cents at Trichur Opposite Poonkunnam Church - 5 lakhs per cent

S149) Get Flats at 1200 per sq feet in Trichur, Guruvayur  

S164) 2650 sq feet beautiful house on 10.5 cents near Bus Stand Guruvayur. 4BD

S163) 48 flats at Mookambika, Kollur at 1000 per sq feet !


S150) More than 20 flats at Guruvayur South 

S148) Two flats very close to Guruvayur Temple 260 sq feet each. 

S151) 63 cents * 35000 per cent at Chowallur Padi, 3 kms from Gvr Temple. 


S153) 56 flats at Mammiyur to be built within one year at 1500 per sq feet

S154) 50 cents near Punnathur Kota, Guruvayur at 70 grand per cent

S155) 11 cents at Amala Main Road. 3 lakhs per cent. 



S158) 30 cents of Land near Pavaratty Centre for sale. Rs 22000/-
per cent. Negotiable 

S160) 35 cents * 8 lakhs at Central Trichur  S160) 35 cents * 8 lakhs at Central Trichur 




S163) 7.5 cents . 2100 sq feet house at Purnattukara, Trichur

S165) 80*3.8 lakhs Opposite Balakrishna Theatre, Guruvayur 

S166) 2700 sq feet * 1700 rupees , Penthouse at Vadakkechira, Trichur 

S167) 6 cents at 1.55 lakhs at Peringavu, Trichur 

S168) 3 acres at Punnathur Kota, 2.5 kms from Guruvayur Temple + 3000 sq feet house 

S169) Trichur, Paravattani, Chungam, 400 meters from Chungam - 9.5 cents , 1200 sq feet RC bldg,  15 lakhs - negotiable.

S170) Trichur, Koorkencherry, 6.5 cents land, 500 sq feet RC Bldg 1.9 lakhs per cent

S171) 13 cents * 6 lakhs near Pentark, Trichur. Negotiable. 


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S145) 7 cents plot plus 1300 sq feet house at Gvr priced at 19 lakhs. 

S146)  1.87 acres at 1.1 crore per acre, 1.5 kms from Gvr temple. 

S39) A 144 cents plot near Mulankunnathuvaku, Trichur. Rs 15000 per cent. 

S112) A 1250 magnificent flat 3 BD, near Temple. 23 lakhs Negotiable.

S113) 1 BD Flat at Guruvayur 460 sq feet. 7 lakhs

S114) 7.5 cents near Viyyur Bridge . 2 kms from Trichur Town. 2.5 lakhs per cent.

S115) 2 acres of coconut trees nearby Triprayar Temple. Price 15 lakhs per acre. 7000 coconuts from 2 acres.  

S116) 4.25 cents in front of Thiruvenkidom Temple, Guruvayur. Cost 11 lakhs. 950 sq feet

S120) I acre land + house 2000 sq feet at Trichur

S121) 1.5 acres at Brahmakulam - 18 grand per cent/           2 acres  at   Brahmakulam - 35 grand per cent/           1.75 acres at Nenmini          35/           1.5  acres  at Nemini            35/           80 cents    at Muduvattor    65/           2  acres    at  Kottapady      35



S124) 5 cents of commercial land in Trichur City, old bldg with 7 shops shutters S124) 5 cents of commercial land in Trichur City, old bldg with 7 shops shutters

S126) 2 Floor House 10 kms from Ekm . 5 cents land 

S127) Just 3 kms away from Guruvayur Temple, eastern side 25 acres coconut trees front side road One side Canal. 40 grand per cent. 7000 coconuts

S128) 1 acre 17 cents 20 grand per cent. Near Chovallurpady East 3 kms from Guruvayur Temple

S129) G + 11 flats Ist Floor. 2 BD 1000 sq feet. Rs 1600 per sq feet

S130) 900 sq feet flat at Poonkunnam 4 numbers. 1600 per sq feet.

S134) 65 cents*40 grand per cent, near Chovallur Siva Temple, 3 kms from Gvr Temple. 

S135) 1100 sq feet + 7 cents at 7*2 lakhs per cent, near Parthasarathy Temple, Gvr 

S136) 9 cents near LF Convent, Mammiyur at 1.4 lakhs per cent. 

S141) 3.8 acres at Pattikad, 4 kms from Trichur

S142)1.5 acres at Pattikad, 4 kms from Trichur

S143) 80 cents in Chavakkad 

S41) At Guruvayur Shop to sell. Office 160 sq feet at West Nada. 

S47) 12 cents at Mammiyur, near Guruvayur. 

S48) Flats at Guruvayur ranging from 350 to 500 sq feet at Rs 1000 per sq feet. 

S42) Six Flats to sell at Guruvayur.  Rs 1600 per sq feet. 

S36) A Furnished flat between Mammiyur & Guruvayur Temple. 750 sq feet. 2 bedroom flat. Rs 1400 per sq feet.

S43) 112 cents with 2000 sq feet house. 15 lakhs at Porkulam, 3.5 kms from Kunnamkulam, Trichur. Negotiable 

S52) 650 sq feet Apartment 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen. Not less than 6 lakhs 

S55) 3.5 cents at Thiruvenkidom, Guruvayur. 12 lakhs. 


S88) Ideal for commercial,hotels,resorts,apartments,residential,institutions at MALAMPUZHA 1 acre 10 minutes drive from palakkad, olavakkode & kanjikode R(coimbatore rd)clear titles-immediate settlement Rs.90 lakh negotiable

S89) A 2000 sq ft house and 62 cents for sales at Kodungalloor, Trichur

S90) 10 cents of land at Koorkenchery,4 kms from Trichur city

S91) Independent bunglow in trichur(near Mannuthy) with four
bedrooms ,bathattached in 20 cent plot.ready for rental basis. interested
write back

S92) 40 Cents of land and 2500 Sq Feet brand new house with built in
wardrobes and kitchen cabinets 7 KM  From Thrissur town Medical
college Route ) with yielding coconuts and sufficient well water.
Value 32 Lakhs

S93) 1 Acre 30 cents of coconut plantation for sale just 25 Kms
from Nedumbassery International Airport Kerala, India.

S94) 1 acre 70 cents at 60 grand per cent available at South Nada, Guruvayur 

S95) 50 cents near Edappal, full of cash crops and trees. 80 grand per cent. On roadside. 

S96) for land 12 cent as per 1.3 lac per cent. building about 1800 sqt with 9 cent land Rs2350000. ( Ground Floor & First Floor)
building about 1800 sqt with 5.5 cent land Rs1850000.(Ground Floor & First FLoor)Ground Floor - 1 master bedroom
First Floor - 2 master bedrooms & 2 other rooms with common bath & toilet

S97) 22 cents near Padinjare Chira at M G Road Trichur. With old tharavadu house - 2 storied - 1.25 crores. Negotiable. 

S98) In front of Mammiyur Temple, Guruvayur, 25 cents + House +Shopping Complex. 2.5 crores
12 rooms one room 40o sq feet each. 10 lakhs each

S99) To sell 6.35 cents plot about 1 km from Edappilli Junction, 300 kms from NH

S100) To sell 56 cents of land at Ottapalam, Chunangad, Kinattikara Bus Stop

S101) Apartment 2 BD with attached bathrooms , kitchen, cabinets in TVM heart. 16 lacs. 

S102) 900 sq feet 2 BD flat at Guruvayur. ( 1 A/C + furniture + 1 fridge etc ). 14 laksh, Neg

S103) House 1400 sq feet 3 BD , near Guruvayur Rlwy Station. With Car Parking space. 14 lakhs. Neg

S104) 50 cents. 45 grand per cent. One km from Guruvayur

S105) 5 kms from Guruvayur. 22 cents. 1.25 lakhs per cent

S106) 2.5 kms away from Temple. 1.5 acres. 17 grand. 

S107) A posh 4 BD House in 5 cents located 4 kms from Trichur Town towards Mannuthi side. 18 lakhs.

S108) 4/3 cents Commercial land with home built in -closer to all amenities. In heart of ctiy, Trivandrum. 28 lakhs. Negotiable.

S109) 2 year old 2 BD flat. 1100 sq feet. 

S110) 160 cents land 8 kms from Trichur Town and 40 cents land 12 kms from Trichur Town 

S111) 20 acres at Thiruvilvamala @ 1500 per cent

S85) 10 cents of land at Koorkencherry, 4 kms from Trichur

S86) Independent Bungalow at Trichur near Mannuthy 4 Bedrrom in 20 cents for rental.

S87) 3 Bedroom House in Vazhuthacad, Trivandrum - 22 lakhs. 

S84)1 Acre 30 cents of coconut plantation for sale just 25 Kms
from Nedumbassery International Airport Kerala, India.

S82) 12 cents at Thaikkad - 1 miles from Guruvayur Temple. 75 grand per cent. 

S80) 22 cents at Thaikkad, 1.5 kms from Guruvayur Railway Station + 2000 sq feet house 3 bedroom. 30 Lakhs.

S77) 8 cents + 3 Bedroom House 1300 sq feet attached. 

S78) Wants to sell 19 cent plot hardly 1 km from Irinjalakuda Bus Stand & the Kerala Solvent Park. Expected price 78 K per cent. 


S76) 20 cents of plot at Peringavu + 2000 sq feet house. 35 lakhs. Negotiable. 3 kms from Town. 

S77) 8 cents + 3 Bedroom 1300 sq feet house at Guruvayur 

S74) Near Railway Cross. 17 cents land + double storeyed house 2800 sq feet. 45 lakhs. Negotiable. 

S73) 1 km from Thirumala Trivandrum 24 cents + 3100 sq feet house, 2 storeyed, 6 Bedrooms ( 3+3 ) with an office room fashioned in Apartment style with 2 separate entrances and Kitchen, common garage with space for 2 cars house situated on 12 cents , 5 / 6 kms from heart of City

S69) To sell a house ( approx 2000 sq feet ) with about 11 cents of land at Calicut, near Silochilli High School on the Paropadi - Kannadikkal Road

S70) 2.75 cents + 1500 sq feet House. 17 lakhs. Negotiable. 

S71) Planning to sell 10 cents ar Kalathode Mosque, 5 kms from Trichur Road towards Mannuthy. The land is on Katherine Road ( Adjacent Mosque ). It has tarred Road on both sides. Two sides are walled. Price 80000 per cent.   

S68) 2 storied house on 14 cents land at Irinjalakuda town next to
three star hotel. All amenities including garage, garden, well etc. Expected price Rs. 40 lakhs - negotiable.

S67) 15.75 cents+ House.  4 Bed Rooms Plus  Out House 2200 sq feet + 300 sq feet . At Central Guruvayur. 

S66) 1855  sq feet house,  double storied  + 5.11 cents at Guruvayur, 3 mins walk from Temple. 

S64) 3 bed room flat near Gvr Temple, 5 minutes walk from Guruvayur Temple .1727 sq feet . 26 lakhs

S65) 2 flats 600 sq feet. One bedroom. 7.5 lakhs. Just 2 minutes walk from Guruvayur Temple.  

S59) 3 Flats available. 2 Bedroom + Hall + Kitchen. 9 lakhs. 700-800 per sq feet

S49) At Guruvayur a 900 sq feet  House with 5 cents. 10 lakhs. 

S50)At Guruvayur one Flat for sale. 900 sq feet. Rs 1100 per sq feet. 

1 Plot for sale Area 1 acre 14 cents. Fully Barbed Fencing with 30 coconut trees. Near Main Road Punchakari Thiruvillam Panchayath Trivandrum 

S55) 3.5 cents + House at Thiruvenkidom 12 lakhs. 

S58) Modern 3 Bed Room + Study house with all amenities for sale at
Palghat District.. Koduvayur ( 8 KM from Palghat).. Total Area 30 Cents..
House Surrounded with Land... Expected Price 12 Lakhs

S54) 2 Bedroom flats at Ayyanthole for sale. 1250/- per sq feet. 

S24) 11cents + House at Palakkal proper, Trichur. 2500 sq feet. 

S26) 16 cents at Guruvayur near Balakrishna Theatre. 2.5 lakhs per cent. 

S28) Flat at Guruvayur. 6.5 lakhs for 630 sq feet. 

S27) 1.25 acres at Mundur with coconut trees on Mundur Kottekkat Road. 2 kms from Mundur Central. 

S9) 20 cents at Ariyannur, near Guruvayur, with teak, jackfruit, coconuts, mangoes etc. 9 lakhs. 

S8) I acre at Nelluvai Dhanvanthari Temple. 

S53) 1.75 acres at Pavaratty, Trichur. House + mango trees + coconut trees. Plus 28 cents Paddy fields. 

S63) The plot is 36 cents land & 1100 sq feet well condition single storied RCC House ( 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom attached ). 1 linking room, one kitchen, 1 store room & 1 bathroom outside. Phone connection plus 2 electricity connections for Home and Agriculture. 30 coconut trees at Parappur. Cost 16.5 lakhs. 

S15) 15 cents of land with house at Ottapalam, Palghat. Price 25 lakhs. 

S22) Plot measuring about 20 cents situated 1 km away from East of Guruvayur Temple, near Main Road, with approachable road measuring 10 feet width. Pls contact Tel No 0487 255 4340. Plot ideal for House or flat construction. 

S20) 1 acre at Pavaratty Center, Trichur ( 5 minutes walk from Pavaratty Center ) 50 grand per cent .

S44) 1.2 acres of land at Peringottukara, Trichur. Rs 40000 per cent. 

S23) 45 cents at Mullassery, 22 kms from Trichur City with coconut trees & stone well. 25 grand per cent. 

S17) 69 cents + 2 storied Bldg + 40 Coconut trees at Ottapalam near CBSC School Kairampara. Price Rs 18 lakhs. 

S25) 10 cents plus House at Guruvayur. Price 15 lakhs. 

Two plots totalling 7.60 acres of land with a Bungalow of about 3000 sq feet

Location  a) 10 km from Guruvayur Temple, Trichur, Kerala on the N H 17 towards Calicut- On the bank of National Waterways Kanolly Canal which is 200 mts from N H 17 - 1 Km to Beach - 9 km to Chavakkad - 6 km to Elephant Sanctuary, Punnathur Kota - 10 kms from Palayur St Thomas Church.

Details of Property - a) 3.34 acres ( 100 cents ) of coconut farm with a Bungalow of 3000 sq feet  costing approximately Rs 70 lakhs                                 

Approximately 3.5 acres of excellent coconut farm 600 meters from Chavakkad Bus Stand near Amrutha Vidyalayam, Kerala.  Ideal for settlement for middle class families costing approximately Rs 25,000 per cent. Price negotiable. 


Location - 45 cents of land on the National Highway near Kanippayur Sub Station, 3 kms from  Kunnamkulam. Price Rs 80000/-. Negotiable. 42 metres front. Three sides road. Ideal spot for Kalyana Mandapam & Auditorium, Petrol Pump & posh house.  

S4) Location - On the Trichur_Ernakulam Main Road, before Chirachi Valavu, 35 cents with plenty of water plus another 22 cents of prime land. 

S60)  Available beautiful 80 year old house in about 1.10 acres approx. on the main road in Kanjany,Trichur half an hour from Guruvayoor. Price expected Rs.60,000/- per cent.
S13) 30 cents plus House at Kandanassery, Guruvayur. 18 lakhs. 

Elephant & Decorations - Contact P A Mukundan, Pathyala Agencies, Guruvayur. 

S31) 7 cents opposite Mammiyur Temple, Guruvayur. Price 25 lakhs. 

S32) 1.5 acres of land - 1 acre paddy fileds and 1/2 acre coconut fields at Kunnamkulam, Marathangode. 10 grand per cent. 

12 cents plot 1500 sq feet RC bldg. 22 lakhs. 


All Negotiable Contact -  Ph 91 0487 2552851 (O) Ph 91 0487 2422060 ( R) email - Mobile (0091) 93885 56053


1) An English type 5 bed room  Bungalow with fire place in all
bed rooms, Wooden floor, Living room, Dinning room, Kitchen, Servant
quarters and Car garage is for Sale.  A fine Investment with a road
frontage of  145 feet  and is close to Charring cross, Botanical garden,
Lawley Institute and Assemblies rooms theatre. Since it is very close to the Botanical gardens it is more of a commercial
place. Located in the Government approved  P.R. Zone further expansion is
permitted. All  amenities like corporation  water, sanitary, electric
connection etc are available. With very good view, locality and proximity
to the important and prominent Landmarks  of the town the property can be
used as Guesthouse, Hotels, Health Spa, Resorts,  and Institutions

2)1.80 acres of land,rubber plantations with a 3 BR house,
linking road from two sides upto the house premises, for immediate sale.
It has 2 wells with abudance of water available 365 days KNP Nair

4) 1500 sq ft house in 10 cents Its a 2 bedroom house with bath
attached, and a common toilets, a living room, dinning room ,sitout
workarea , store , kitchen and the car porch.2 kms from trissur round, 29
lakhs contact 09449766658

5) 4 KM from Guruvayoor East Nada - 33 cents with porch Bungalow
& out-house, four side boundary wall, open well, two electric connections
for sale.

6)Plot for sale which is located less than 3 km from Guruvayur
Temple. For more details pls contact 9446325476.


8) Rubber plantation,3.5 Accres,605 nos of trees of 105 type.500
mtrs from tar road,access to any vehicle,near St Antonys
Church,Varakkara,near Amballur,in Trichur dist.last price Rs.13000/per

9) 2BHK Residential Apartments At Koramangala
Well-located Residential Apartments hear of the cit for the purpose for
sale is available in kormangala, Bangalore with good infrastructure and

10) 33 Cents Plot for immediate sale at Irinjalakuda (Madathikkara
Road). Can be split into 3 or 4 plots. Roads at three sides. 1.5 Lakhs per

11) It is a tapping rubber estate/property,located at near
St.Antonys Church,Varakkara,near Varanthrappilly,near Kodaly,in Trichur
dist.Total area is 375 cents,looking for the last price is 13000/per
cent,500 mts from tar road,access to any vehicle,650 trees of 105 type are
there,tapping started 5 years back,only intrested genuine parties contact

12) Land size 375 cents (3.75 acres) located near
the st antonys church at Varakkara, near kodaly, near Amballoor, near
Varantharappilly, in Trichur dist.the trees are 105 types and there are
650 trees. tapping started since three four years back. the land is
surrounded with rubber estates, and it is hill side area, two hundred
meters from tar road and having access to any vehicle. property for sale
for RS 12,000/per cent. only interested genuine buyers contact .price
mentioned is very final.Contact person in India .mr Varghese0480 2825845 or 00966509176998

15) 30 cents of prime propery,neat peace,5mnts walk to temple,excellent for commercial and residential buyers.. pls call mr kattil at 001-323-679-5758 or emai

17) 38 cents located in Peramangalam (between Trichur-Kunnamkulam
Route, 9 km. far from Trichur and eastern part from Peramangalam Church
with pucca road.  Approximate cost put forth is Rs. 30,000/- per cent.

19) Double storey house, first floor for rent, 2 bedroom(one bath
attached), hall cum dining space, small balcony, kitchen, work area, bath
latrine. Car porch, downstairs occupied by houseowner husband & wife.
Located in Kundparamb Junction, Just 1 minute walk to the bus termins, 6
km from city Rent Rs.2500/month.Electricity charge to be borne by the occupant

20) 26 cents land,with copund wall,two wells ever with plenty of
water,trees,plants of all types of fruit bearing,is available for
immediate sale on palghat-calicut NH with 20/25 feet frontage.Nearby
facilities are,NH infront,schools,colleges,hospitals, Rly stn,taluk
hqrs,etc.Air port at 20 km,Dist hqrs 15km away.Land is suitable
forResidential,commercial,Builders, Hospital etc.Expected value 80lacs

21) 7 acrs of Rubber with all facilites available in the plot.
1400 trees in the

32) hous with land good location in palakkad,guruvayoor area my
budget 5 to 6 lacks

35) 300Sq.ft room at townhall road near Newbustand-    For pakidi Rs-10,0000/rent-1500Rs.(b)300sq.ft.m rooms(10nos)for sale.Rate35,00000/
(single room)near old bustand Kunnamkulam

37) We are having a very good project in which we have 69 units(villas) at hyderabad.on N.H - 7.

39) Available a 4 bedroom house for rental basis at heart of Trichur town with following facilities.
1. 4 Bed rooms with attached bathrooms.
2. Two Halls.
3. Car Porch / Parking Facility
4. Well and Municipal water facility.
5. 10 Minutes Walkable distance from trichur Round.

42) 30 cents of Land near Pavaratty Centre for sale. Rs 22000/-
per cent.

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